Helping return the Power of the USA back to WeThePeople

Remember: our elected employees work for us, not the other way around

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FIRST THINGS FIRST. In order to return the power of the USA back to WeThePeople we must immediately change our thinking in two key areas:

1). We have mistakenly believed that our current elected employees have our best interest in mind as they govern. They do not. Instead, they vote the way their Pay-To-Play campaign donors tell them to. Look how much some elected employees got for their vote on the TPP/TPA Bill or the Regulatory Integrity Act. Because of the cash they receive from wealthy donors our elected employees will now have to vote in such a way as to repay their money donors instead of voting with WeThePeople.

2). We have also wrongly believed that our elected employees are too powerful and too unreachable for them to listen to WeThePeople. They are not. In fact, according to the Congressional Management Foundation, 90% of Capitol Hill staffers agreed – and 60% STRONGLY agreed that responding to constituent communications is a high priority in their offices. So yes, they will absolutely listen to us.

We DEFINITELY need to change our thinking. WE are the boss. Our elected employees WORK FOR US, so if they don’t start listening to us, we need to fire them and elect employees who will. 


If there was ever a group of people who need to start listening to WeThePeople it is our elected employees. Seventy-Five percent of us see widespread corruption in government. Over time, and as a group, they have spent our tax dollars like drunken sailors and passed legislation without even reading it! They dump poisonous Fluoride in our drinking water, have injected people with syphilis and plutonium, caused forced sterilizations, put mercury in our vaccines and in popular foods we eat while adding other toxins to our food supply. They violate our 1st Amendment rights with Google and Facebook deciding what is “Fake News” and what’s “offensive” (to their agenda), our 2nd amendment rights are constantly challenged (when they all have armed security details) and our 4th Amendment rights are voluminously violated with all their meta-data collection of our personal communications.

Our sixth, seventh and ninth amendment rights are violated according to Field Manual FM 3-39.40, “Internment and Resettlement Operations” dated February 2010. According to this Army document, once our own government declares Martial Law they can put any of us in one of more than 800 FEMA Concentration Camps without due process or even charging us with a crime!

Our government has intentionally subjected children and adults to bizarre medical experimentscongress-building that required them to inhale diesel pollutants known to contain cancer-causing chemicals. Our IRS plays discriminatory party politics with the 501-C-3 tax exempt status, the Feds can seize our cash or property without due process, and several states (Oregon and California) want to start taxing car owners by the number of miles we drive.  Just look at this list of political scandals from George Washington to Barack Obama. George W. Bush and his aides made 935 false statements about Iraq which led to war and President Obama stole over $200 billion from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to fund Obamacare. And the list goes on and on and on. Does this look like a REPRESENTATIVE government to you that is genuinely concerned about We The People?  How many of these govern-ment intrusions would you have voted for? Or the better question, how many of these items would our elected employees have voted for if WeThePeople had given them our input on these Social Issues and told them Vote My Way on the various COngressional Bills? 

Don’t these politicians look like a group of people who all need to be replaced at their next elections? 

The first thing to do is to get our elected employees attention. We want them to know that we’ve woken up to the understanding that the only way for them to effectively represent WeThePeople is for us to speak up and influence their decisions. 

To send an email to your three Congressional elected employees, your two U.S. Senators and your one House Representative to tell them that the only way they’ll get your vote at their next election is if they start listening to you