“In the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team?” Reporter Jason Mattera asked the long-time gun control proponent who in 2006 co-launched the initiative Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG). Bloomberg laughed off Matera’s suggestion, and responded, “Um, you, we’ll get right back to you. ” Well it’s been 2 years and Mattera is still waiting. The video shows a dismissive Bloomberg, surrounded by at least half a dozen ARMED security personnel, making his way into a chauffeured car. “Mayor Bloomberg, why can you defend yourself but not the majority of Americans?, Mattera asked. “I mean look at the team of security you got. And you’re an advocate for gun control?”

We The People must always stand up to this type of us – them segregation, where there is one set of rules for the “elite”, being armed, and another for us, no armed protection allowed. We need to reject these attempts of a 2 tier class of citizen, where those of us who vote them into office somehow have less rights than those we elect. Bloomberg’s hypocrisy continues, Speaking to the Aspen Institute on February 6, 2015 Michael Bloomberg said cities should ban young minority males from owning guns, both as an effort to reduce crime and to keep those minority males “alive.”

The anti 2nd Amendment people never seem to have an answer for this question: If an armed man enters your store and you are not allowed to own a gun, how does your employee save your life? Wouldn’t you want someone protecting you in that store? Though one middle school principal recently told students to bring an 8 ounce can of food to defend themselves against an armed intruder! And the “gun free zone” idea is completely non-sensical. In fact if Bloomberg and other anti-2nd Amendment detractors were genuinely in favor of keeping us safe they would encourage us all to get Conceal and Carry Permits. Just look at the chart to the left.

DO NOT BE DECEIVED: His concern, and that of other gun control advocates, is NOT really about gun violence. It’s about controlling We The People. Though they ALWAYS mask their real intentions by arguing some benevolent point, history CLEARLY shows that those leaders who want to do us harm are the ones who want us defenseless and easily controlled.   Even the Secretary General of Interpol General Ronald Noble told ABC News that one of the only ways to prevent terrorists from hitting soft targets was to arm citizens globally. The statistics always bear out that the safest places for We The People are in conceal carry areas. Always.

To ask your elected officials to clearly outline their 2nd Amendment position and have them explain what their interpretation of “shall not be infringed” means take action

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