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There will be no more passing a Bill before WeThePeople know what it says, know how much it will cost annually and know how it will affect us The summary of this issue is immediately below. The Logical Justification is further down.To my elected employees,It is completely irresponsible if you vote on a Bill you [...]

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-SOCIALISM -NEW GREEN DEAL - Change our thinking. Trial balloons. What news is not. News is not a reporter asking a question of an elected employee where the employee gives his/her answer and is not asked to prove or justify what they said. News is also not an employee making [...]

The Electoral College Or Popular Vote?

Some of our elected employees have begun saying that our election for President should be decided by a simple majority of voters. After you listen to the video and read the articles below the video you will understand why this is a very bad idea and why you wouldn't want your vote and the results [...]