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Immigrate Legally Please Elected Employees

Immigrate Legally Please To my Congress members, I am against ILLEGAL immigration. If I want to immigrate to another country I would have to follow that country’s immigration laws. So when foreigners want to immigrate to our country shouldn’t you make sure our immigration laws are enforced? In the first 6 months of 2018 542,011 [...]

Here’s The First Thing You Need To Know

        VIDEO OR TEXT VERSION https://youtu.be/ZXarSwKHIN0 My name is Paul Hart, founder and CEO of this website. Here at WeAreWeThePeople.net we don't give a hoot what color your skin is or which sex you are, if you're big or little or whether you voted in the last election. Helping turn our country around [...]

Here’s Why The Media Has Broken Our Trust

         VIDEO OR TEXT VERSIONhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHOmBV4js_E-J.P. Morgan Was Told Buying 25 Newspapers Would Control The Country's News, So He Did And The News Has Been Controlled Ever Since-Our Government Can Legally Use Propaganda On The U.S. Public-Widespread Public Distrust Of Mainstream Media  -Americans Say Social Media 'Divides Us' and 'Wastes Our Time', And They Don't Trust [...]


There will be no more passing a Bill before WeThePeople know what it says, know how much it will cost annually and know how it will affect us The summary of this issue is immediately below. The Logical Justification is further down.To my elected employees,It is completely irresponsible if you vote on a Bill you [...]

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-SOCIALISM -NEW GREEN DEAL - Change our thinking. Trial balloons. What news is not. News is not a reporter asking a question of an elected employee where the employee gives his/her answer and is not asked to prove or justify what they said. News is also not an employee making [...]

The Electoral College Or Popular Vote?

Some of our elected employees have begun saying that our election for President should be decided by a simple majority of voters. After you listen to the video and read the articles below the video you will understand why this is a very bad idea and why you wouldn't want your vote and the results [...]

Senator nets $3.7 million to win election

Why would Republican Tennessee Senator Bob Corker encourage President Trump to continue to divert the earnings of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to pay for the Obamacare low-income insurance subsidies that Congress had refused to fund to avoid the collapse of Obamacare? A $28 million-dollar refinancing package from Wells Fargo made to Corker's business [...]