Immigrate Legally Please To my Congress members, I am against ILLEGAL immigration. If I want to immigrate to another country I would have to follow that country’s immigration laws. So when foreigners want to immigrate to our country shouldn’t you make sure our immigration laws are enforced? In the first 6 months of 2018 542,011 people did so, obtaining their Lawful Permanent Resident Status (See Table 1-A). Our immigration laws are spelled out HERE and HERE. Illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers $116 billion annually through education, medical and justice costs, plus welfare payments. Illegals also displace our own legal workforce causing even more welfare, lower wages, unemployment and illegal aliens also make up 25% of the inmates in our federal prisons. Do you have any idea how stringent Mexico’s immigration laws are:? Look Here And Here And Also Here To help me decide whether I will vote for you at your next election, please respond to me by clicking on one of the two green tabs below. Thank you, USER'S NAME To email this page to your elected employees <<CLICK HERE>> Click here if you agree with me that there should be no ILLEGAL immigration Click here if you don't agree with me and you want ILLEGAL immigration