Very soon over I-95 near Baltimore you will look up and see an 80 foot long Blimp that will be able to spy on everything from North Carolina to Boston, an area the size of Texas. The Army claims it’s purpose is solely to look for missles launched at the U.S., of maybe boats, but how many of us really believe that? We were also told that the NSA is not monitoring our emails and phone calls, but how many of us believe that either? Army officials have stated in response that the blimps are only equipped with radar, which can, for instance, track a car on the ground, but not make out the make or model of car. Officials have also said that there are no plans to equip the aerial vehicles with cameras. All who believe this say, “Aye”.


To tell your elected officials to sponsor a Bill that will outlaw these or similar types of Military spy assets flying over any U.S. Territory or you will vote against them at their next election and you’ll spread the word online that they approve of this policy take action

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