They want to self-issue their very own get-out-of-jail-free-card. Taking payoffs, breaking the law and pushing through unconstitutional legislation as special favors to corporate interests has long been par for the course in politics. But now Representative Kevin Calvey (R – Oklahoma City) wants to make it official and make it illegal to arrest any state officials accused of a public offense. “It’s a big deal to me. I’m upset and concerned,” Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater explained. “This bill creates a different class of citizens that would be protected from the normal prosecution process.


The bill never goes into specifics on what would be considered a public offense, thus providing immunity to lawmakers for nearly any criminal activity at the local level. Since Calvey himself acknowledges that the point would be to avoid legislators or politicians from being prosecuted for abuse-of-power, this bill proposes to set forth a very dangerous precedence that could lead to even less accountability for politicians.


And here’s another elected official who wants to be classified in a status that is above We The People. A Senator Wants DUI Charges Dismissed Citing that Lawmakers are “Privileged from Arrest“. Once again elected officials are attempting to classify themselves with a designation superior to We The People. May it never be. How can an elected official who does not live by the laws of the land represent We The People? They can’t. Plain and simple. And when our elected officials exempt themselves from insider trading laws, Obamacare and  to the Open records Law as well as laws governing workplace health and safety, civil rights and discrimination.


To tell your elected officials to sponsor a bill that states that EVERY government official, of any level, whether elected appointed must adhere to the laws of our land and, if convicted of any crime, they will receive no treatment that is in any way different from any other citizen. To tell them if they do not sponsor this Bill you will vote against them at their next election and you’ll spread the word online that they believe they are above the law take action

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