Norway has recognized that many Muslims are radical. And according to Conservative Tribune, they have been seeing tremendous benefits ever since they recognized the danger of radical Islam. Norway began deporting radical and criminal Muslims last year and they have seen their violent crime rate drop by nearly 1/3rd. The people of Europe have begun to push back against this cultural encroachment, with some countries taking steps to control and downsize their Muslim populations.

In September of last year, Norway deported a record 763 people, only to top that record just one month later, when they deported another 824 people in October. Norway had set a goal of just over 7,000 deportations for 2014, and had nearly reached their goal by the end of October, with at least 5,876 deported at that time. Now that the people of Norway are a little bit safer, and certainly experiencing less violent crime, perhaps other European nations, and even America, should closely examine what Norway is doing, and begin to do the same themselves. Ya think?? France has expelled radical Islamic clerics.


Just recently, Kurds residing in Germany clashed in the streets with radical Muslims, the clashes mostly stemming from the Islamic State conflict in northern Iraq and Syria. People worldwide have seen the outbreak of violence from groups such as the Islamic State and are taking a stand. Similar demonstrations have taken place in other countries such as Italy, where 100,000 anti-Islamic protesters gathered at Piazza Duomo in Milan to demonstrate against the spread of radical Islam in their country. The enormous turnout received attention from residents all over Europe, encouraging citizens in other countries to stand up and defend their homes against radical Islam, since most governments seem too timid to do it themselves.

Most Canadians think “irreconcilable” differences exist between Western and Muslim societies, according to polling to be revealed at this week’s Metropolis conference in Vancouver. Whether it’s the rise of Islamic State zealots, the killing of free-speech advocates in Paris and Copenhagen or disputes over niqabs, the polling shows Canadians are not immune to global anxiety about religion-fuelled conflict.

The Leger Marketing polls found 63 per cent of Canadian Protestants, 62 per cent of Jews, 60 per cent of Catholics and 46 per cent of the non-religious believe Western and Islamic societies are “irreconcilable.” Even 42 per cent of Canadian Muslims believe the contrast between the West and Islamic cultures was irreconcilable. The foundational Christian and Muslim doctrines are very different. So why are some western countries  bending over backwards to assimilate Muslims into their countries when these very foreigners have abandoned their homeland?

Now the Associated Press is reporting a fourth man has been charged in NYC over an alleged ISIS recruiting plot and raising money to have U.S. residents travel overseas to fight for the Islamic State. …Against all enemies foreign and domestic. It is NOT racist, Islamaphobic, fear mongering or any other emotionally unjustifiable word to want to protect our country from those who want to overrun us or kill us. What is wrong with wanting the best for our country from those who are here legally and don’t want us dead? Nothing whatsoever.
To ask your elected officials under what circumstances they would agree to deport radical Muslims  take action

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