Why would Republican Tennessee Senator Bob Corker encourage President Trump to continue to divert the earnings of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to pay for the Obamacare low-income insurance subsidies that Congress had refused to fund to avoid the collapse of Obamacare? A $28 million-dollar refinancing package from Wells Fargo made to Corker's business associate and financial contributor which allowed Corker who still had a contingent liability on the undervalued real estate to avoid bankruptcy. Corker was then able to loan his campaign $4.2 million.

With that loan Corker outspent his opponent Harold Ford and won the election by a nail-biting 51% to 48%. And to top it all off, according to Federal Election Laws Korker only had to repay $500,000 of the $4.2 million loan, thereby pocketing $3.7 million. That is why Tennessee's Bob Corker's top two campaign contributors are Securities and Investments and Real Estate interests and why he will vote their way instead of the way of WeThePeople.

gets $400,000 from Health Professionals to Scam for Obamacare