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Whenever you click a “Take Action” button to email one of your elected officials (or a business, or whomever), our pre-populated form pops up, complete with optional text. This email, which is of course, from you, will already have the SEND TO, EMAIL FROM AND SENDER’S EMAIL fields completed. IN ADDITION, we will add our email address, input@wearewethepeople.net to the email. Now why in the world would we want a copy of an email you’re sending to your elected officials (or a business, or whomever?) For two reasons. First, honestly, is for bragging rights. So we can say X number of “Take Action” emails were sent from our site, during Y month or Z year. And secondly, that feedback will also let us know which types of articles and “Take Actions” most interests our users. And when your elected officials (or a business, or whomever) emails you back we will also get a copy, for the same reason.

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