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Do not be intimidated

Some articles on this website may make your jaw drop or your eyes pop out of your head. You may be tempted to think we’re a bit nuts for posting them, except for one very important thing – every item we present is in fact already documented news. You may not have seen it or heard it from where you currently get your news, but every Social Issue we present is article based and sourced.

So why will it be natural if you react skeptically at first? Because you’ll be experiencing “Cognitive Dissonance“. Every one of us has current views on a variety of issues and when those views are suddenly challenged by new facts we feel discomfort and confusion. We have a tendency to rationalize away what is making us uncomfortable, which oftentimes, to our own detriment, is reality and facts we’ve not been exposed to. That temptation to reject the facts that runs contrary to our previously held beliefs is called “Cognitive Dissonance.” But is it better for you to keep believing a deception or to accept what is real?

The second reason you may think some of our articles may be hard to believe is because we all have an automatic tendency to believe and trust our elected officials, even when they’re lying to us. Misinformation (lies) are especially likely to stick when they conform to our pre-existing political, religious, or social point of view (again, Cognitive Dissonance.) But by seeing our documented news articles, we can decide to change our minds.

You decide if it’s worth it for you (and your family) to change your mind on some of your beliefs if what you learn here is more credible than what you have been led to believe. And if your elected officials don’t agree with your beliefs based on facts, then you fire them at their next election and vote for someone else.

OUR MOST POWERFUL INSTITUTION. Do you know the most powerful institution gr-ain the United States? Our most powerful institution is not the Presidency, or the Congress, or the Supreme Court, the NSA, IRS, EPA, or the DHS. Our most powerful institution is the VOTING BOOTH. Why does the Congress have just a 13% approval rating? Either our elected officials stopped listening to WeThePeople once they got elected or they were lying to us about what they said they would do if they got the job. With this Website as a platform, you will now be able to tell your elected employees what to do and how to vote. You will also be able to easily verify if they are listening to you and determine whether you should vote for them at their next election.

Realize that this country does not move by our elected employees, it moves by those who influence our elected employees

Just as a kite will only stay aloft as long as it adjusts to the changing wind, our elected employees unique-person-standing-in-a-crownwill keep their jobs only as long as they adjust to what We The People tell them we want. There are 146,311,000 voters (218,959,000 are eligible to vote) in our country and by telling our elected employees what to do our influence will influence them more than the special interest dollars that have been buying their campaigns. WeThePeople have the power. WeThePeople ARE the power.

WeAreWeThePeople.NET does not believe in the wimpy excuse known as political correctness, neither do we fall victim to the name calling ploy. It is so easy to see that those who advocate those positions aren’t in a good position to advocate their positions. They put emotion in the room when their logic has left the building. When they cannot convince you with their logic they must use some other scheme to get you to sympathize with their cause, usually politically correct whining, name calling or a character assassination. Any such ploy confirms weakness of the argument. Start recognizing it and don’t buy into it.

And finally, let’s talk about change. Many people are afraid of change. Have our lives and the world around us changed in the past 5, 10 or 20 years? Of course, they have. So change happens whether we like it or not or even whether we participate in it. So let’s resolve to AFFECT change and not accept it like we can have no say in it. The most impacting changes that have ever happened to any of us have happened as a result of change. Change allows us to correct our mistakes and make better decisions with new information.