Since we elect Congress with our votes that makes us their employer and them our “elected employees.” WeThePeople have been mistakenly believing that our elected employees have our best interest in mind as they govern. They do not. Instead, they vote the way their money donors tell them to. Our best interest.

Who should really be fearing who in the image on the right? Why doesn’t this lion realize he has the ability to rip this man to shreds? Like the lion, WeThePeople have been conditioned into believing our elected officials have power over us. They do not. Power over us.


If there was ever a group of people that need to start listening to WeThePeople it is our elected employees. Seventy-Five percent of us see widespread corruption in government.

Our elected employees:

-spend our tax dollars like drunken sailors
-pass legislation without even reading it
-dump poisonous Fluoride in our drinking water
-inject people with syphilis and plutonium
-cause forced sterilizations
-put mercury in our vaccines
and in popular foods we eat while adding
other toxins to our food supply.
-do nothing as they watch Facebook, Twitter and Google violate our 1st Amendment
-violate our 2nd amendment rights (when
they all have armed security details)
-and violate our 4th Amendment
rights, to be secure in our persons, houses, paper and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures and no warrants shall issue, but on probable cause

Our government has subjected citizens to medical experimentscongress-building that required people to inhale diesel pollutants known to contain cancer-causing chemicals. Our IRS plays discriminatory party politics and some states want to start taxing car owners by the number of miles we drive.  Just look at this list of political scandals from George Washington to Donald Trump. According to the “Internment and Resettlement Operations” our government can put you in one of more than 800 FEMA Concentration Camps without due process or even charging you with a crime! President George W. Bush and his aides made 935 false statements about Iraq which led to war and President Obama stole over $200 billion from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to fund Obamacare.

You’ll likely be shocked at how much how much money special interest groups are paying our elected employees for their votes. How else can many in Congress live in multi-million dollar homes on a $174,000 salary? Be prepared to be outraged by the “donated” dollars below.

-John Boehner (R-OH) received $5.3 million for his yes vote on the TPP/TPA Bill
-Donors paid out $706,203, $686,967, $621,789, and $486,943 for four votes on the Regulatory Integrity Act.
-In 2017-2018 Senate Majority Leader Mich McConnell received $3,606,438
-In 2017-2018 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi received $4,519,268
Jon Osoff D, GA-06 got the most for his 2018 House race, $30,484,044
-Steve Scalise R, LA-01 got the most for his 2018 House race, $13,180,265.
-For his 2018 Senate race the top Republican, Rick Scott R, FL-S1 got $85,000,301
-For his 2018 Senate race the top Democrat Beto O’Rourke D, TX-S2 got $78,979,726 

-And look at how much the top lobbying spenders leglly bribed these people during the past 11 years.

One other fact. The total spent on the 2018 mid-term elections was a mind-blowing $5.7 billion! Corporations are not dishing out that kind of cash without expecting a payback. Congresspeople from BOTH parties are getting rich by selling their votes. But WeThePeople can change all that.

The first step is to tell these three elected employees, your two U.S. Senators and your one U.S. House Representative that you will now be advising them on what to do and how to vote